Still waiting for substantial academic success?

Feel like you are running in circles trying to find what will work?

You are probably a conscientious parent. When your children were young you made sure they ate right, had eye and ear exams, and ran around outside. You made sure they had regular doctor visits to track their development.

When your child became a student you kept a close eye on  academic progress and became aware of some issues that slowed  academic success. Being proactive, you started looking at ways you could support your child at school. You started volunteering in the classroom, you used Google to research the best ways to help your child’s reading acquisition. Maybe you ordered a reading program to help support what was being taught at school or took training yourself in programs that advertised their ability to help children read.

If this sounds familiar – it is.

Most parents of school-aged students who find Meadowbrook are highly involved in their children’s education. Many of them have “tried everything,” and are still waiting to see their student show their intelligence at school and they  are still waiting for substantial academic success, so please do not feel alone.

“By the end of 4th grade my husband and I felt we had tried everything within our control to help our child. Doctor visits, tutoring at school and evenings, IEP assistance and all our quality family time.”   -Taylor’s Parents

Take heart, you and your student are not the first to feel their future is threatened because they just can’t seem to make the academic grades they are expected – and trying – to attain.

Expect Substantial Change from Meadowbrook Educational Services!

“The program exceeded my expectations. Cassidi & I decided that we could not put a price tag on the things she learned. This information was so valuable.”

“Ben has always been a responsible child, but the program has made him a new child. His confidence is up – it has changed his life. It seems he has improved in all aspects of his life 180%. It’s remarkable.”

“Before the program I felt like a new born foal – afraid of everything and knowing nothing. I am not, let me repeat, that I am not afraid of failure for myself anymore. I can do anything I want. It’s just up to me to do it.”

“Clayton has made such remarkable progress – pretty amazing. From last April (just under a year ago), he was at a pre-primer level (preschool) and is now at a 4th grade level for reading and comprehension! And his writing is amazing also. And he’s only in the 2nd grade!”

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