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Are you parent with a “different thinking” child? Maybe they are labeled with,  “learning disability”, “ASD”, “PDD-NOS”, or “dyslexia”, “dysgraphia”, or “ADHD”.

Often parents of different thinkers feel like they are not qualified to help their children. We sit down at the I.E.P. meeting and feel inadequate, or embarrassed, or stupid (because we didn’t understand school either). Sometimes we are frustrated because we try so hard to help our children to home it seems everything is getting worse.

At Meadowbrook Educational Services we believe that concerned and proactive parents are the best teachers of their children.

All learning starts with relationships and your relationship with your children is the most profound relationship in their life. Even if you didn’t have the best school experience, you can help your children have a better one.

Everyone has a unique way of communicating and processing information. Issues arise when children think and process differently than their parents. After all, we intuitively explain our world from the way we understand it.

Often the frustrations arising at homework time are a result of our assumption that our children think the same way we do, when in actual fact, they may not. When children are anxious their ability to reason and communicate shuts down. They start the “deer in the headlights” look and we become frustrated with ourselves. This can change. When you take parent training you will learn the skills to make the biggest difference in your children’s lives.

Even more than the help for our son is the invaluable information that was shared with us, the parents. It helped us understand our son and helped us make changes in what we were doing that support and assist him in continuing to do well. Magic? No. But the results are truly magical!!  – Russell and Deanna Chesser


Learn easier ways of helping your children succeed during “homework time.”  Invest in yourself and change the homework relationship with your children.

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