Structure of Intellect Testing

  • great for homeschooling parents
  • nationally normed (can be used as year-end testing)
  • program testing pre and post

Did you know intelligence can be trained and specific abilities can be taught to affect achievement performance and intellectual functioning?

Robert and Mary Meeker developed Structure of Intellect from Dr. Guilford’s theories about intelligence being a  set of skills. Structure of Intellect (SOI) identifies both strong and weak areas that underlie academic learning.

If your child is bright but struggling in one or more areas SOI will identify those foundational weaknesses and design a personal workbook with exercises needed to bring your child’s learning ability up to the norm for their age or grade level. If you are homeschooling this is a perfect test because the exercises it generates can be used as part of your home daily curriculum.

At MES we use SOI to further pinpoint missing foundational skills, we also offer this test for year-end testing for homeschooled children.

We have special rates for group testing. Contact us  for more information.

Learning Ability:

  • Form L (Group) K-3rd  OR
  • Primary Learning Abilities Test (Individual Computer Test)

Advanced Learning Ability:

  • Form CR (GROUP) 4th-College OR
  • Advanced Learning Abilities Test (Individual Computer Test)

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