Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching

Did you know you can transform your brain with simple yet powerful exercises? In a short time, these sessions will change how your mind is programmed for test taking, achievement, and learning.


See the photo to the right? A woman is being helped over a wall, she cannot quite do it on her own, but she can to it with some help. When we use the word coaching, we are not just sharing concepts, we are also helping you build your skills. We design exercises for you do to, we hold you accountable, and we cheer you on. In NLP coaching, when you have a wall in front of you – we are helping lift you up and over it.

Notice that for the effort to be beneficial for everyone, the woman has to be at the wall, she has to try and get over it. She is expending effort, she is holding on and using her feet to climb as much as she can. Her helpers are not lifting dead-weight.

What is Special about NLP Coaching

NLP is known for being a safe environment for both client and coach. Context, not content is important. We can guide you through the techniques while you work on experiences privately – no detailed explanations of the events are needed by your NLP coach for the achievement of your goals. We do not muck around in past memories. We acknowledge and move on freeing up energy to be used in the present.

NLP coaching can be used in almost any circumstance for most of our clients NLP is used when teaching spelling, training memory, and in exercises for increased confidence and academic success. When you have a Meadowbrook Program designed for you  several NLP techniques are integrated into your program.

If you are seeking Coaching for other issues, Dorothy is a Licensed NLP Master Practitioner and is qualified  in areas of  Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Life Coaching, Motivational Coaching, and Weight Loss Coaching.

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What is NLP?

What a Coach Does