The Meadowbrook Assessment is a three part assessment.

  1. Parents fill out an extensive questionnaire.
  2. The client  interview allows us to understand how they think, process information, and remember.
  3. We observe receptive listening, reading, and stress behaviors while we direct tests and tasks.

This information is used educationally: to shape specialized curriculum, provide a baseline, and flag areas that may need a recommendation to medical or mental health professionals. Assessments last from 2.5 to 3 hours.

During the Assessment you will watch Richard Lavoie and PBS’s presentation about Learning Disabilities and Frustration, Anxiety and Tension. The video is entertaining while sharing a large amount of information. Check your local video store, library,  or order from Amazon if you want a copy for yourself to study.

Read more about the current TESTS, TASKS & INFORMATION that make up the MES Assessment.

Preparing your children or students for an MES Assessment

  • If your child is worried about what the assessment is for tell them, “We are going to find out how you think and learn so I know how to help or teach you better.”
  • Bring healthy snacks and drinks (if needed)
  • Let them know it will take a few hours
  • A few children may need 2 sessions to finish the Assessment.

Preparing yourself for an MES Assessment

  • Read about sequential memory.
  • Read about people who can shift perception in their imagination.
  • Read about how sound therapy effects the brain and increases our ability to learn.
  • Read about Visual-Spatial thinkers

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Observations of Child or Student Pre-Assessment

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Adult Pre-Assessment

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