We honor the uniqueness of every person we have the privilege of meeting.

Our intention is to observe without bias, truly listen, and communicate exercises with ease and simplicity.

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If you read our journey, you know we started by searching for answers for our own children. We invested time, money, and more time and money looking for what would work. Now, when we see children we understand the path to take towards success. Look at our Learning Skills Quick Checklist for a very brief set of questions that will help you understand the levels at which your children need help – or just contact us. 🙂

Meadowbrook Educational Services Assessment

Meadowbrook Educational Services (MES) has developed an Assessment to determine how we can help struggling students and adults by learning how they think, remember, and perceive their environment. We test memory, low-level function, and observe writing, reading, and listening skills. We do not label, though often our clients exhibit the symptoms of Autism, PDD-NOS, Sensory-Integration Dysfunction, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, etc.  Read More.

Program Development / Implementation

All programs are developed from the MES Assessment results and other tests if needed. We assess before any program design because so many factors can contribute to the struggle of learning in school. Read More.

Available Testing

Structure of Intellect. Read More.
Auditory & Visual Low-Level Function Skills (TAVS). Read More.
Ekwall-Shanker Reading Inventory. Read More.


Everyone has a unique way of communicating and processing information. Often the frustrations arising at homework time are a result of our assumption that our children think the same way we do, when in actual fact, they may not.  When children are anxious their ability to reason and communicate shuts down.  The training sessions are for parents to learn easier ways of helping their children succeed at “homework time.”

Training Courses

EFSAP Training for Establishing Foundational Skills for Academic Proficiency – EFSAP® in young children.

Read more on our EFSAP website.