Selecting Advanced Brain’s The Listening Program

Selecting Advanced Brain’s The Listening Program, she and her staff learned about the impact of sound on the nervous system, mind, and body.  Now we had a way to help those students who tried to concentrate, but couldn’t when other sounds were in the environment. We found that when using sound therapy, not only was there improvement in auditory processing and listening abilities but there was a marked improvement in the speed of achievement both in their programs from Meadowbrook and their school experience.

We became conscious of the need for adequate memory development in our clients. When we started testing for sequential memory we realized the students who struggled the hardest in all our programs had the lowest sequential memory or digit spans. None of the programs we offered could help alleviate their intense bewilderment about the world around them unless we added a component to expand their memory.  We had learned about importance of short-term memory’s role in academic achievement  and a computer program called BrainBuilder at the Advanced Brain training.

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