What is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy refers to Tomatis based listening programs such as the Tomatis Method, Berard, Somantis, AIT, iLS, and Advanced Brain’s The Listening Program.

About The Listening Program

This is a sound therapy you will love! It is one of the most advanced, safe, and convenient sound therapy programs available in the world. The Listening Program is experienced in the comfort of your own home. This program produces a variety of positive changes with anyone. There are many options available for TLP users, check with us to see what is right for you.

What many people do not know is that part of the information from the auditory nerveĀ  passes through the limbic system where we process emotions, store memory & respond to emergencies. Because of this we can create positive change in a number of systems. [Non-Classical Auditory Pathway]

We use this program to:

  • calm sensitive children
  • help step-parents or adoptive parent to bond with children
  • encourage the grounding process
  • increase decision making or executive function skills
  • steady balance
  • increase vocabulary acquisition
  • speed recovery from traumatic brain injury
  • regulate emotion control
  • ease memory storage & ability to remember
  • open the ear to sounds

Meadowbrook’s TLP program

Advanced TLP program