MES Assessment

We begin learning about you (the client) and your family. We call this process an MES Assessment. It is our job to find out where  there are missing basic skills, missing concepts, or a lack of understanding.  During the appointment we review an extensive intake, interview the client and assess  short-term memory spans, low-level function processing skills, dominance,  writing, reading, listening, perception, and motor skills.

In depth information about our current Assessment.

Once we have the results from the Assessment we can  plan the program that will work for you or your student. From the information gathered during the assessment  we design a program to develop missing academic and or communication skills. Our programs are educational; for other issues you will be referred  to the appropriate professionals.

Meadowbrook Educational Services Programs


Custom Program


Establishing Foundational Skills for Academic Proficiency


Neuro-linguistic programming


Structure of Intellect


Sound Therapy