EFSAP Certified Provider Training : Levels 1 & 2

Meadowbrook Educational Services is pleased to offer the first essential foundation program designed to teach young children how to pay attention, listen, remember, follow directions, reason, and visually discriminate in a classroom setting.

Fee: $3000.00 per trainee (includes over $600.00 in supplies, see below) 4 days

Level 1

Level 1 EFSAP Certified Provider Training for EFSAP (Establishing Foundational Skills for Academic Proficiency) is designed for Preschoolers and Kindergarten students, or older at risk children not responding well to academic studies.


This program is foundational and teaches you how to give children the ability to learn academic subject matter without confusions, that unresolved, may lead to learning disabilities. Besides becoming certified to teach EFSAP, training includes online classes from Advanced Brain Technologies and upon passing the test, teachers receive 14 professional contact hours and become authorized providers to oversee classroom sound therapy as well as provide sound therapy independently.

Trainees receive: 3 open air sound therapy CDs for enhancing auditory processing and listening skills,

1 Cognitive Exercise CD, 1 Sing-a-long CD, 1 CD for large and small motor movement rhythm, 1 Lesson support CD, 3 Sound Health CDs to control classroom attention, emotion and energy, 1 poster for directional and spatial instruction, 1 poster for character identification, 1 instructor’s manual.

Level 2

Level 2 EFSAP Master Trainer Certification allows you to train other teachers or tutors to become providers for Implementing Level one in the classroom. [5-day]

Fee $4000.00 [includes over $900.00 in supplies and materials]

Prerequisite: Level 1