New Research on Music as Medicine

The Sync Project’s Ambitious Quest To Use Music As Medicine

“There is this magical thing that music seems to do, but nobody understands exactly what it is,” says Alexis Kopikis, a cofounder and CEO of The Sync Project. “Is it the beat, the tempo, or the time of day you are listening to it? Is it your cultural background or songs you heard when you were in high school? There are a huge number of attributes that you need to track.”

Interested in Music as Medicine?

Start with Dr. Tomatis’s body of work follow it through to the present day, add  Healing at the Speed of Soundand then attend a few  Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine (ISQRMM) conferences.

Music has been used as medicine for centuries, just not as Western Science would use it.

Interested in Music for Education?

We use special music, sound therapy, at Meadowbrook Educational Services to increase our client’s abilities to express themselves in their reading, writing, and speaking. It is helpful to calm down reactive systems and synchronize with the environment.

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