efsap-memory-expansion-2We have been working long and hard to bring you all an interactive memory expansion program. We are so excited to have this available, now, for parents or tutors have the power to expand their children’s memory at home.  About 1/3 of the manual covers how to be an instructor, how to set goals, how to keep the children interested. The rest of the manual contains step-by-step directions. Now, instead of coming in to see me and being trained over a few months, you can read through the manual, watch the videos and know exactly what to do!

Why use an interactive physical program when there are memory programs all over online?  Memory programs for adults are fine; however, for children interaction is the best.

  1. Learning at school requires listening to a person. A computer is not a person.
  2. Learning at school requires communication.  A computer does not communicate like a person, it has no energy change, no emotion, and no intelligence. It’s a program.
  3. Learning at school requires paying attention to what another person (the teacher) is important. The teacher is not there to entertain, most computer programs entertain.

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