Moving to Spokane

Moving to Spokane Washington in 1994, Renie continued volunteering in her son’s school.

She assessed Kindergarten children using the Slingerland Assessment and formed a reading club after school for local students who struggled with reading. One of those student’s confusions is the reason Meadowbrook Educational Services exists. This young student reminded Renie of her son – both were bright but confused and had poor reading skills.

With both, Renie had run into the “brick wall” and progress was extremely slow. Renie realized that all her training was based in Orton-Gillingham methodology which worked for the majority of children, but not her son nor a few other very confused students. These children were “on” “off” students – sometimes they could do well, other times they could not. Both Renie and the students were puzzled why some days went well and some days did not.

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