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Offering training to you so you can prepare your young children for school.

In our current educational system we expect students to know how to learn, without checking to see if the skills they need are in place to learn. Most Kindergarten entry tests are knowledge based, not skill based.

Remove Confusion from Learning.

Our passion is transforming failing students, of any age, into confident learners by engaging their unique minds and raising their foundational skills. When you change the life of a struggling student you transform the entire family dynamic. Encouraging the family to grow and thrive together.

We are specialists in designing and providing programs that will

  • Resolve Confusions, Reinforce Comprehension, and Restore Confidence by
  • Training Basic Skills, providing Multi-Sensory Experiences, and teaching Specific Exercises through
  • Systems & Technologies that inspire the Mind, stimulate the Brain, and synchronize the Body.

Training for professionals and parents.

Learn how to assess, teach, train, and coach other parents and students who experience learning difficulties.

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Learning Skills Quick Checklist


 Testing, assessing training and coaching services for families.

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Every person has a blend of thoughts, skills, interests, and motivation. We are interested to know what has made ‘school stuff’ difficult for you or your child. Meadowbrook is NOT interested in labeling you or your children. Labeled people often become confined, not able to expand to their potential by the labels placed upon them. People are more than the sum of their parts, they are more than the labels attached to them. We do work with those previously diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, PDD-NOS, ASD, APD, ODD, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia; however, we are interested in their complete person. Our assessment is not diagnostic, you will receive no label. You WILL receive the answers to why academics are a struggle and how to increase you or your child’s learning ability.

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After your Meadowbrook Assessment, the following tests may be recommended for targeted program design or used to check progress of the program.
Structure of Intellect Testing, Low-Level Function Test of Auditory & Visual Processing, Ekwall-Shanker Reading Inventory.

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Training Services

Training parents to know how to work with their children’s way of thinking. Training is offered in 3 hour blocks. Training is available after assessment & testing.


We offer the following programs and products to help your children gain confidence, skills, the ability to learn, and the motivation needed to achieve their dreams. These programs will work for you as well!

Custom Program

Designed to teach you (or your children) how to apply strengths to overcome confusions and frustrations with school or work while filling in the gaps and lacking foundations that have held you back. Ages 6-Adult.

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Establishing Foundational Skills for Academic Performance – EFSAP®

This program was developed to meet a tremendous need – teaching young children the critical foundations that we find our older clients are missing.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Looking for fast & profound results? Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is simply “brain-language programming” in other words: exercises to program your mind for greater achievement. We coach and train you how to use techniques on yourself to gain self-awareness of what is happening in your mind that triggers automatic programs hindering your success. This coaching is for courageous individuals ready to change their academic & professional future.

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Structure of Intellect Testing

Did you know intelligence and specific abilities can be trained to affect achievement performance and intellectual functioning? SOI tests are quantitative and nationally normed tests. Results create custom workbooks to raise academic skills. Many states accept this test for year-end testing requirements. Perfect for home schooling.

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Sound Therapy

We feed our brain by what we eat and what we listen to. Sound therapy is targeted direct neurostimulation that helps our brain change itself. By merely listening you can change how you listen, pay attention, emotionally respond, socially interact, and perform at school.

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Training Courses

Want to make a measurable difference? Courses designed for immediate practical application in your classrooms or businesses: professionals, parents, and teachers welcome.

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Structure of Intellect

Training course for teachers, tutors and business owners: Learn how to administer & score SOI tests. These tests are nationally normed and validated. After this training you can set up SOI programs and modules with your clients.

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EFSAP Certified Provider Training

Training course designed to teach young children how to pay attention, listen, remember, follow directions, reason, and visually discriminate in a classroom or tutoring center.

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Dysgraphia Remediation Course

The history and many causes of dysgraphia are explored. Including practice developing plans & implementing strategies for a variety of causes of dysgraphia that you may see in your clients or students.

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Cognitive Improvement Training

This training course is designed to teach you how to teach students to focus attention, concentrate, enlarge their rote and working memory for efficient logical thinking, and reasoning.


A small selection of comments from a few of our happy clients.

Your program has changed my whole outlook in life; it has really made a difference. I always have felt like a caterpillar in a cocoon. Now I’ve broken free and I’m flying.
Jerene - age 63
Everyone benefits when a student who is struggling in school gets the help to learn easily. Many of today’s youth who fail in school will end up being a burden in society and at worst become involved in crime and gangs.
They are a wonderful company. They save children from falling through the cracks in our education system today. They support the child & parents going through a difficult time, and help then over come learning challenges that schools don’t address.

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