It is our pleasure to help you improve your learning abilities to meet or exceed the goals you identify at the conclusion of this questionnaire. Before we can design a solution unique to your experience and learning style, we must determine what the root causes of learning and/or behavioral issues are. This is the first of three steps on your journey to achieving your goals. This questionnaire should be submitted at least two days before your scheduled assessment, so our staff can evaluate your responses.

This questionnaire generally takes from 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Please be sure you have the time to complete the questionnaire before starting. If you are disconnected before completing the form, your input data will be preserved for 2 days. When you reopen the form it will be populated with your answers. Thanks!

* The full price of the complete assessment (this questionnaire and the office visit) is $375.00 which is due at the time of your office visit. You can save $25.00 off this already low cost of the complete assessment by using one of the prepay options at the end of the questionnaire.

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