We travel domestically and internationally to provide programs and program development.

The majority of our clients are in school (K- College).

No. We refer to developmental optometrists.

This educational program is developed directly from the Assessment results – and if taken, the SOI test.. The content and duration is unique to each client. A program may contain any of the following: memory expansion, relaxation techniques, learning techniques, perception techniques, basic skill exercises, academic skill exercises, sound therapy, English for semantic learners, and NLP coaching.

SOI tests 99 areas of intelligence and builds exercises to increase missing academic skills.

About 2.5 hours – it can take longer depending on the student’s abilities.

The assessment consists of memory tasks, processing tasks, writing tasks, reading tasks, movement tasks, and an interview. Parents fill out a pre-assessment questionnaire on-line and it downloads to our server before the assessment. Read More.

Call or email for current price.

Because each person is unique, each program is custom designed and varies in length and content. After the assessment we can discuss program costs.


No. We are specialists with the foundations for academic success. If you need subject based tutoring there are many tutoring services in the Spokane area.

No. We are private pay.

No. We are not medical doctors nor are we interested in labeling you or your student. Many of the areas we are assessing are also listed in symptom profiles for those conditions. For instance, it is widely known that most people diagnosed as Learning Disabled, Autistic, PDD-NOS Dyslexic etc have sequential memory spans below the norm. We will tell you if the memory span is adequate for your student’s age and design a program to rectify it – we leave diagnosing up to the medical field.

We help people gain the skills and abilities to read, write, listen and communicate. We assess for missing foundational skills and concepts that create confusion in academic studies. We then design a program to resolve confusions and develop the required skills for academic or professional success.