Spokane Valley, WA

Houston McCuaig

Houston comes from a family of educators and has enjoyed being a mathematics teacher since 2014. She is a passionate teacher who combines her knack for instruction with her ability to understand and communicate with students. These interactions, along with experiencing a dyslexia success story first hand in her family, led her to be a firm believer that every individual has potential to be a capable learner when given the right tools and training.

Houston’s professional background includes: completion of her undergraduate degree in Secondary Mathematics Education at Eastern Washington University. She then furthered her studies in the education field by finishing her Masters Degree in Instructional Design from Western Governors University. Houston worked as a founding teacher at PRIDE Schools in Spokane, Washington, where she taught in a project-based learning environment and enjoyed the challenges of teaching Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Advanced Mathematics to middle and high school students. Currently, Houston is an online high school mathematics teacher with APEX, supporting students in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and Pre-Calculus.

Houston is also certified in the following: Meadowbrook Education Assessment which identifies strengths and weaknesses. This assessment  identifies where confusions or frustrations exist, what is causing them, and how to resolve the issues that are causing academic inabilities; Advanced Brain Technology to provide both Air and Bone Conduction Sound Therapy in the following programs: The Listening Program Level One (TLP), Achieve (for increased creativity and productivity), Spectrum (for Autism); Test of Auditory and Visual Skills (TAVS); The Movement Program (TMP).

Along with a strong background in math, Houston loves to work within all subject areas, noting the interwoven nature of learning frustrations that often manifest in varied and numerous settings.

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Chelan, WA

Lauren Traub

Lauren’s passion for helping students who struggle succeed, comes from her personal experience. In 3rd grade she was diagnosed with dyslexia which has given her a clearer insight and understanding of what students go through when learning does not come easily.

Lauren began a desperate search to find tools and help for her own son when he began having difficulties with academic learning that was not being met in school. She was introduced to Renie Smith who assessed and created a specialized correction program for her son’s needs. After seeing the results of her son’s program, she began training to help floundering students.

Lauren says, “I now have the best tools to help and assess children and adults.  When an individual knows how they learn best, learning can become interesting and challenging in all the good ways, instead of being so overwhelming!”

Lauren volunteered at Morgan Ownings Elementary school working with teachers and students one on one, 2-3 times a week for 5 years. That is when I learned there were a lot of children that needed help.  For the last 2 years she has been volunteering and working with children and teachers at Roots Community School.  Lauren has noticed a huge difference in the children after she started implementing the different techniques she has studied.

 She trained with Dr. Pepper in Lake Oswego OR., Carolyn Eden in Bainbridge WA., Renie Smith CEO and founder at Meadowbrook Educational Services in Spokane WA., Studied Davis techniques, and is a certified provider of Sound Therapy by Advanced Brain Technologies. 

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