EFSAP Tutor Kit


We are excited to introduce you to the EFSAP Tutoring Program. A creative and effective way to prepare children for learning. These carefully designed lessons will help you establish  essential foundation skills that every child needs to learn easily. A detailed manual will guide your instruction as the child develops new understanding for shapes, colors, letters, numbers and more.
This kit is for normally developing 3-5 year-old children.
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The EFSAP program has been used all over the world since 2008, with a 97% success rate, EFSAP is now available to purchase as a kit to easily use in the classroom, the home or any other setting. EFSAP  is one of the only programs that teaches our children how to learn, not what to learn. Children will excel much faster in the classroom and other academic/social settings after going through our easy to teach program that includes all the tools you need. This program is for any child that is 3-6 years old and is or will be attending school.



EFSAP Kit Contents:

  1. FE Board
  2. Manual
  3. Magnet Box: ADULTS ONLY – 40 magnets; 8 colors, 5 each
  4. White board
  5. Permanent marker
  6. Dry-erase marker
  7. Foam ball
  8. Thinking CD
  9. Mozart in Motion CD
  10. Oppy’s Songs & Pronunciation CD
  11. Supply pouch: 1 watercolor set, 1 scissor, 1 box crayons, 1 flashlight, ½ long pencil
  12. Child workbook (orange binding)
  13. Child Kit: 1 bean bag, 32 cubes; 8 colors, 4 each
  14. Supply & Recipe Booklet
  15. Level One Envelope/Packet: 1 Primary color chart (parent colors), 1 Brian’s Back Card, 1 Cube template, 1 Pyramid template, 2 Zebra pictures, 1 Assessment, 1 Certificate, 7 Stickers, Vocabulary / Snack Card, 8 finger-paint papers
  16. Level Two Envelope/Packet: 1 Tracing strip, 1 wipe-able sentence strip, 1 Alphabet strip, 2 arrow strips, 4 paper plates, 1 picture, 1 secondary color chart (parent colors), 2 Shape cut-out pages, 1 Assessment, 1 Certificate, 7 Stickers, Vocabulary / Snack Card, 1 finger-paint paper
  17. Level Three Envelope/Packet: 1  Number Strip, 1  Colored sentence strip,  1 Star Cutout, 1  Heart Cut-out, 1  Penta-/ Octagon cut-out, 1 Assessment, 1  Certificate , 7  Stickers, 1  Vocabulary / Snack Card, 1 Silver Swatch, 1  Gold Swatch
  18. Six stepping mats

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