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The EFSAP Memory Expansion Program is designed to help parents or tutors train the attention & memory systems. First we train attention and focus, then we train rote memory for memorization, and lastly we practice working memory.

What makes the EFSAP Memory Expansion Program different? You are an important part of the program. It is your interaction with your children or students that will pull them through the difficult process of expanding memory. By your interaction you are helping them build reasoning and logical thinking skills.

If you check your child’s digit span and their span is at 1, they will not be able to communicate beyond 1 or 2 words.

If you check your child’s or student’s digit span and their span is at 2, you will most likely see these symptoms.

  • Reactive emotions
  • Possible nightmares
  • Behavior issues
  • Social issues
  • Massive confusions with auditory directions
  • Cannot read
  • Cannot remember how to write letters
  • Cannot follow directions despite best efforts

If they are still trying to do their best they will spend 5-10 times the amount of time than other children their age.
Eventually they will give up and just react with emotions when faced with what is expected to be easy.

Contrast the previous symptoms with a digit span of 7. At seven spaces your children or students will be able to listen, communicate, read, write, and succeed in most of their academic and social life.

Above 7 spaces, your students will excel in high math, reasoning, and logic.

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