August 2015

Hero Journey – How One Child Started Our Company

August 14th, 2015|Tags: , , |

This is dedicated to a lovely mother and wife,  whom I first met in 1996; as a young girl.  Little did I know then, she would change my life forever.  Her mother started a [...]

March 2004

Structure of Intellect

March 18th, 2004|

People who struggle with learning often have holes in their education. These holes from misunderstood or confused concepts, missing skills, and inadequate experience  cannot be filled by the maturation process or by standard curriculum. Structure [...]

March 2002

Audiblox foundational skills

March 18th, 2002|

While useful for older children and adults; we needed a sequential memory program that could be used with groups of students interactively and Renie left again for training in South Africa in a program called [...]

March 2001

Selecting Advanced Brain’s The Listening Program

March 18th, 2001|

Selecting Advanced Brain's The Listening Program, she and her staff learned about the impact of sound on the nervous system, mind, and body.  Now we had a way to help those students who tried to [...]

March 1999

The Tomatis method discovered

March 18th, 1999|

Within the first year Renie found students who neither her Orton-Gillingham based reading programs nor Ron Davis’s program achieved desired goals. Again, she had a few students without substantial gains. While in Singapore, working with [...]

Dyslexia training progress and rewards

March 18th, 1999|

During training, it was a struggle for Renie to  realize that people who process symbols as objects and need a clear picture of the concept of symbols cannot read well until the confusions are controlled [...]

March 1998

Dyslexia training with Ron Davis

March 18th, 1998|

Still searching, Renie looked at every program she could find that worked with Dyslexia. She found a program based on an idea she had never heard of before. The idea that some children and adults [...]

Meadowbrook Educational Services started in 1998

March 18th, 1998|

Greatly encouraged at finding both the solution for her son (he was removed from special education classes for the rest of his high school career) and others she officially started Meadowbrook Educational Services in 1998 [...]

March 1996

Renie enrolls in the Total Reading program

March 18th, 1996|

Offered the opportunity for training in Spalding - Renie continued to educate herself in the field of reading programs. She enrolled in the Total Reading program which she used in school as well as with [...]

July 1994

Moving to Spokane

July 18th, 1994|

Moving to Spokane Washington in 1994, Renie continued volunteering in her son's school. She assessed Kindergarten children using the Slingerland Assessment and formed a reading club after school for local students who struggled with reading. [...]

March 1994

Enrolled in the second level training for Slingerland

March 18th, 1994|

With her son entering a new school district and grade level (fourth grade), Renie knew he needed more knowledge so she enrolled in the second level training for Slingerland and resigned herself to doing extra [...]

January 1994

Still searching for help

January 18th, 1994|

Still searching for help, Renie took him to Hope Clinic in Bellvue where he was placed on an eye-vision therapy program and ADD-biofeedback. Again, there were small gains, but not the amount of change that [...]

July 1992

Slingerland training used to help children

July 18th, 1992|

Renie continued volunteering in her youngest son's classrooms as he began public school. She used what she had learned through Orton-Gillingham to help children with learning language. All of her experience did not help her [...]

October 1986

Renie honored with Parent of the Year

October 18th, 1986|

Renie was honored for her volunteering in local schools with a “Parent of the Year” award for 1984-1985.

March 1985

Renie volunteers as art docent

March 18th, 1985|

Renie volunteered as an art docent through the University of Washington's Art Marks program - to engage children in an understanding of art and encourage their creativity. She observed that some of the most creative [...]

July 1976

Renie has spent years learning about children who struggle

July 18th, 1976|

Renie has spent years learning about children who struggle. She began her search in the late 1970’s to help her own family. She started with long-distance Orton-Gillingham consulting for her nieces and nephews - she [...]